Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cluster Cards

Clus·ter  [kluhs-ter]
noun; A group of the same or similar elements gathered or occurring closely together; a bunch.

So a few months ago, my monthly Card Club theme was "cluster cards". I LOVE cluster cards, I love a "busy" card... You really have to be careful though, there is just such a fine line between "busy" and an "absolute mess", and I have crossed that line many times :)

There are 2 papers used in this card (I love to mix n' match), "Veranda" & "Perfect Day". The stamp set is "A Little Buzz". I love this stamp set! It has a bunch of random words that you can put together to make your sentiment and of course, the little bugs are so cute!

This next card is made with "Miracle" paper. The background stamp is from the stamp set "Live Inspired" and the sentiment stamp is from that cute little hedge hog stamp set "Happy Forever"

This next card is so fun! In this card, most of the "cluster" is just stamped images.
The paper used for this card is "Caboodle" and the stamp set is "Ticket to Ride".


  1. Seriously?!! I like the looks of these cards very much. They're refreshingly fun and well done! :-)