Saturday, 17 September 2011

CTMH Convention

So today was a very exciting day for me. Today my wonderful husband booked my flight to next years CTMH Convention in Dallas.
I know its early (Convention isn't until July) but if any of you have ever tried to book a flight on points, you know it isn't easy. Even 10 months in advance, there were very few flights to chose from and they pretty much tell you when you are going and when you are coming home. I couldn't get the day I wanted to leave or the day I wanted to return, but I don't care... I'm going to convention!!!

Last years convention in Disneyland was amazing!! But the best part was the people I met.
I have been in constant contact with some of these ladies and we have been planning this trip next July since we left Disneyland.
It is so funny how you can meet people, spend 3 days together and feel like you have made life long friends.
So here are my room mates for Convention 2012...

This is Nancy, Jennifer, Barb and myself at Convention in Disneyland.

This is Jennifer and I right after we received our new Idea Books and beautiful bags from CTMH.