Thursday, 13 October 2011

Who is viewing my blog?

So today I was looking around my dashboard and found my "stats"... this is totally amazing!! For those of you who have blogs, have you ever looked to see were in the world the people looking at your blog are from?
I'm guessing a lot of these people have found my blog by "accident", but it is still cool to think people from all over the world are visiting your blog!

Here is a run down of how many people from which countries have visited my blog in the last 2 months:

Canada                 1115
USA                     362
Russia                   22
Australia                14
Poland                   10
Switzerland            8
Germany                8
Philippines              7
Sweden                  4             
Netherlands            4
France                    3             
Latvia                     3
Hong Kong            1
Croatia                   1
United Kingdom     1
Italy                       1

So were ever your from... WELCOME!!


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